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Glass Curio Cabinets – Glass Display Cabinets

Crystal Clear Showcases

The transparent elegance of glass display cabinets like those featured here gives them a graceful, almost delicate look like that of a slender crystal vase, yet high quality safety glass, stainless steel and expert craftsmanship ensure that these curio cabinets have the durability to safeguard your treasures for many years. Curio Cabinet Spot works with many of the world’s leading manufacturers to bring you the finest in glass curio cabinet and storage case furniture. Browse our wide selection and you will find excellent glass display cases from top brands like Chintaly Imports and Bellini Modern Living.

Glass display cabinets, like those found on, are designed around the philosophy that a good display case should showcase its contents, rather than draw attention to itself. Glass curio cabinets and display cases achieve this with a sleek minimalist design that highlights your keepsakes and shows them off from all angles. This also enhances the beauty of your room décor and gives it an upscale sophistication that you are sure to enjoy. Browse our collection of fine glass finish curio cabinets or give one of our friendly Sales Professionals a call. At Curio cabinet Spot, we want to help you find the glass finish curio cabinet that fits perfectly in your home and lifestyle.

The Bellini DM-3010 Glass Curio Cabinet features a unique tear shape that makes a bold statement while drawing the eye to your treasured collectibles. The curved glass front shows off your treasures from three sides while the frosted glass back gives off a glow that puts everything in the best possible light. This is capped by solid wood ends covered in a rich wenge wood veneer. Stainless steel legs support the cabinet and add to its unique design.

For an open airy design that feels almost weightless, look to the 6622 Curio Cabinet from Chintaly Imports. This exquisite glass display case has an inverted tapered shape that appears to defy gravity. Elegant curved glass sides and a mirrored back work together to show off your priceless heirlooms from all angles. Four glass shelves are adjustable to accommodate tall objects, and an all-glass front door provides easy access.

Many of the products in this section have a sleek, modern design that is perfect for a contemporary setting, yet the delicate stylings of glass curios makes them an elegant choice for traditional décor as well. In this collection of glass finish curio cabinets, you are sure to find the ideal showcase for your priceless keepsakes.

Glass Finish

Chintaly 6629-S Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,016.99

Chintaly 6632 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $914.99

Chintaly 6633 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $846.99

Chintaly 6650 Corner Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,113.99

Bellini DM-3003 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,466.00

Bellini DM-3004 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,294.00

Bellini DM-3010 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,446.00

Bellini Zotto Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,250.00

Curio cabinets are a delightful way to show off your favorite collectibles and family heirlooms while protecting them from dust, dirt and grime. When choosing a curio for your living space, you need to consider what type of collectibles you'll be showcasing. If you'll be displaying smaller items, such as detailed figurines, jewelry items, antique dolls or unusual knickknacks, then you might want to consider a curio cabinet with a glass finish.

These curios differ from other types of cabinets because they are made predominantly of glass, which allows you to view the interior items from nearly every angle. High-quality curios come with mirrored backings that add depth to your pieces and reflects the backside of your collectibles.

Glass curios have a graceful sort of elegance that comes, in part, from the collectibles having a floating, weightless appearance. Although curio cabinets with glass finishes might appear somewhat delicate, they are made from top-quality safety glass that ensures durability and safety.

Unlike other curio cabinet styles, those with a glass finish typically feature tempered glass shelves that are fixed into permanent positions rather than being adjustable. Keep the height of your intended showpieces in mind before purchasing a glass finish curio cabinet to display them.

Some glass finish curio cabinets reflect a more modern style, featuring metal frames with glossy finishes and metal hardware, while others offer a more traditional vibe with wooden frames in rich, warm finishes. Select a glass finish curio that reflects your personal style and home decor.