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Antique Style Curio Cabinets

One of the most ornate and gorgeous periods of furniture design was during the Victorian era. The organic curves, ornate detailing, and natural beauty of this design really shines through in our selection of Victorian Style Curio Cabinets. These cabinet feature carved features, detailed crown tops, and quality construction.

Each of our Victorian Style Curio Cabinets is the epitome of style and elegance. These pieces are an ideal way to display collections, figurines, fine china, or any other item you want to place in a prominent place in your home. With a great balance of classic charm and beauty, you can be confident that any of these curio cabinets will enhance your home decor and beautifully display your most treasured possessions.
The Victorian period was known for ornate detailing and luxurious curves. Anyone familiar with the beautiful carvings and craftsmanship of the era knows that they are in for a treat when viewing beautiful Victorian furniture. Victorian curio cabinets provide this inspired elegance and allow for the opportunity to display beloved treasures in your own home.

Victorian curio cabinets may be free-standing curio cabinets or designed for hanging or tabletop display. Free-standing curio cabinets serve as independent pieces of furniture. They provide the most display space and can stand on their own in a dining room, living room or any other desired location. Full china cabinets are also available in the Victorian style for display of dishes, glasses and serving pieces. Whether displaying cut crystal or everyday dishes, Victorian china cabinets are both elegant and functional.

Some free-standing cabinets are lighted, allowing for a better display of the items contained within them. Many also have adjustable shelves for greater flexibility and glass doors to protect the precious items inside.

Smaller Victorian curio cabinets are available for placement atop a table or mantel. These smaller pieces can also be hung on the wall. Even these cabinets offer glass doors with convenient front hinges and adjustable shelving so that items can be displayed at any height.

Victorian curio cabinets typically come in different wood grains but all feature the elegant and ornate trim that is characteristic of the Victorian era. This includes crown tops and beautiful carvings that are sure to delight the eye.


Howard Miller Felicia 680-497 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,383.00

Howard Miller Hartland 680-445 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,238.00

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse La Grange 90751 Curio Cabinet

Priced at $1,447.00

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse Oxford 848 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,380.00

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse Stafford 741 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $932.00

Philip Reinisch Lighthouse Stafford II 74151 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $957.00

Philip Reinisch Renaissance Charlemagne 47162 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $875.00

Philip Reinisch Renaissance Contour 87189 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,067.00

Philip Reinisch Renaissance Contour II 87151 Curio Cabinet

On Sale at $1,100.00